HDL ON Privacy Policy

HDL ON (hereinafter referred to as the Application) respects and protects the personal privacy of all service users. In order to provide you with more accurate and personalized services,HDL ON will use and disclose your personal information according to regulations of this Privacy Policy. However, the Application will treat this information diligently and prudently. Except otherwise regulated by this Privacy Policy, the Application will not disclose or provide this information for any third party without your prior consent. HDL will update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Your consent to HDL ON Service Usage Agreement will be deemed as your consent to all contents of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of HDL ON Service Usage Agreement.

1. Applicability

(A) The personal registration information which you provide according to requirements of the Application when registering an account on the Application;
(B) The information on your browser and computer which is automatically received and recorded by the Application when you use the network services of the Application or access to platform webpages of the Application, including but not limited to your IP address, type of browser, language in use, access date and time, software & hardware features as well as webpage records of your request and other data;
(C) Related information and data collected by the Application, which you post on the Application, including but not limited to your activities, transaction information and comments;
(D) The conduct of violating the legal regulations or rules of the Application as well as the measures which the Application takes against you.

2. Information Use

(A) The Application will not provide, sell, rent out, share or transact your personal information for, to or with any unrelated third parties without your prior consent, or such third party and the Application (including associated company of the Application) separately or together provide services for you, and after performance of such services, they will be forbidden to access to all this information including those that are available to them before.
(B) The Application also does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or free communicate your personal information by any means. In case any user of the Application is found conducting the foregoing activities, the Application has the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with such user.
(C) For the purpose of providing services for users, the Application may provide the information which may interest you by using your personal information, including but not limited to sending product and service information to you, or sharing information with partners of the Application for their convenience to sending information related to their products and services to you (the latter shall be done with your prior consent).

3. Information Disclosure

The Application will disclose your personal information, wholly or partially, according to your personal willingness or legal regulations in case of the following events:

(A) Disclose to any third party with your prior consent;
(B) Share your personal information with any third party to provide the product and service you require;
(C) Disclose to any third party or administrative, judicial organs according to relevant legal regulations or requirements of administrative or judicial organs;
(D) Disclose to any third party in case you violate relevant laws and regulations of China or the service agreement or related rules of the Application;
(E) Disclose to the respondent upon request of the respondent so that both parties can resolve any possible title disputes provided that you are a qualified complainant of intellectual property right and file a complaint;
(F) Where any party of a transaction created on the platform of the Application performs the transaction obligations, wholly or partially, and makes the request for information disclosure, the Application has the right to make decision to provide such user with contact information of its dealing party and other necessary information, to facilitate the completion of the transaction or resolution of disputes.
(G) Other disclosure that the Application deems appropriate according to laws, regulations or website policy.
(H)When you need to use the visual intercom function, we will remind you that you need to obtain the privacy rights related to the call, so that you can use this function properly.

4. Information Storage and Exchange

Your information and data collected by the Application will be stored in the server of the Application and/or its associated company, and may be transmitted to your own country, region or outside of the place where the Application collects information and data, and be accessed to, stored and presented overseas.

5. How to Access or Revise Your Personal Data

Ensure all personal data submitted is accurate and correct. The Application will try best to maintain the accuracy and integrity of personal data and timely update these data.

Upon required by applicable laws, you may

(1) have the right to access to your specific personal data in our hands;
(2) require us updating or correcting your inaccurate personal data;
(3) refuse or limit our use of your personal data; and
(4) require us deleting your personal data. If you want to exercise related right, please give feedback to us online. In order to guarantee safety, you may be required to make written request. If we reasonably think the request is deceptive, unenforceable or damages others’ privacy, we will refuse the request.

According to requirements of applicable laws, you have the right to revoke your consent to process your personal data at any time. However, such revocation will not affect the legality and effectiveness of our processing your personal data with your consent, nor will affect our processing your personal data based on other adequate justification. If you think our processing of your personal data does not conform to the applicable data protection law, you can contact legal data protection agency.

6. How to Update the Policy

The company reserves the right to update or revise the policy from time to time. In case of any changes in our privacy policy, we will post the latest version of privacy policy here; if we make major changes to the privacy policy, we may also send you the change notice through different channels, for example, posting on our website or giving a separate notice to you.

7. Contact Us

In case of any questions, suggestions or advice, please contact us by email: hxb@hdlchina.com.cn In case of any privacy complaints or problems, please contact the data protection official website of the company.

When the company processes your personal data according to the privacy policy, the entity who responds your request, contacts with you, provides you with products or services or concluded or will conclude a contract with you is the controller of related personal data. Contact No.: 020-84651666-7135.